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Quality. Efficiency. Reliability. Three words that characterize business with us. We provide one of the best quality 100% natural Lavash available on the market and we always deliver what we have promised.

About Kilikija

JSC “Kilikija” is a family owned business, established in 1999 in the capital of Lithuania – Vilnius, by entrepreneurs from Armenia. They brought the traditional, high quality and 100% natural Lavash to Lithuanian market and made it possible to produce this thin bread with high quantities without losing its fresh and soft texture and without using any conservatives. 

Kilikija’s Lavash is highly recognized in Lithuanian market and it became a part of the dining culture for many Lithuanian families. There is a wide variety of dishes, which are made with Kilikija’s Lavash and all of them have their own, unique taste.

Kilikija’s Lavash is also successfuly exported to the USA, Spain, Germany, France, Finland, and Latvia starting from 2017.

“Product of the Year 2016” Gold medal award

Strongest in Lithuania 2015 certificate

Our offer

Kilikija offers different forms of Lavash – oval, square, round and with different sizes. More suitable for making wraps is the square (300 x 300 mm) version. Lavash is 100% natural bread. Ingredients: wheat flour, drinking water, common salt. The main property of Lavash that it fits all: children and adults with diabetes, those who follow the diet (it is sub caloric bread), people of different religious faiths and others.

Rectangular lavash

Square Lavash – 300 x 300 mm