New partner

Kilikija partners up with Plento Grill & Wine to have the best dishes with the amazing taste of Armenian Lavash, wines and cognacs! Come to Plento Grill & Wine to taste this great combination!

Wildlife & Lavash

Today we received a very interesting picture from the recipients of our charity aid – “Jovariškių medžiotojų klubas Elnias”. As you can see, our Lavash is so tasty and natural, that even forest inhabitants choose it.

Roll with crab sticks

Lavash spread with a thin layer of melted cheese, then at lenghts lay crab sticks, eggs, herbs, lettuce and again crab sticks, eggs, herbs and lettuce. Cut the eggs and crab sticks into thin strips. Make a wrap and put in the fridge for 1.5 hours. Before serving cut into Read more…